The following policies apply to Healthy Lifestyles Media, and its subsidiary sites and pages, DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center and Community Club,  DIY Healthy Lifestyles Journal, and the Thrifty Lifestyles eCatalog, herein known as the Healthy Lifestyles Media Group. “We” and “Us” refers to this group, its administrator, and staff. “You” refers to the persons and users reading this page and using the above-listed sites.



Information collected in registration boxes, forms, quizzes or surveys is kept secure and is not shared with any third parties. Zip or postal codes may be requested in order to evaluate overall site statistics and regional demographics

Postal mailing addresses are collected only to send out freebies, prizes, print newsletters, or products ordered through the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Journal or Healthy Lifestyles Media . You may discontinue from future mailings at any time.



Discussions and forums will be conducted with respect, kindness, tolerance, and civil behavior*.  Acting outside of these guidelines will result in a warning and banishment if the behavior continues after the warning. Serious trouble will be reported to appropriate authorities, so be nice or be escorted from the playground.

*Civil behavior = NO bigotry, racism, bullying, pornography, foul language, belittling others, name-calling, harassment or anything else that you would not want to have done unto you.

Anyone finding a post containing any of the above offenses, please report it as soon as you see it to admin@healthylifestylesmedia.com

We trust that most of you are here because you’re interested in wellness and like the content you find so you’re probably not a troublemaker. But there are always those who like to climb on a soapbox and spew venom so this message is for Those People.


Healthy Lifestyles Media strives to be a “green company” so we don’t do massive paper postal mailings. When we do use print and paper, we use recycled and natural fiber-based papers and ecologically-friendly printing processes.

We do the same with promotional products such as t-shirts, caps, key chains, or water bottles. We like cool stuff that won’t get tossed in the garbage so we try to choose things we know you’ll like or if you don’t, will use for re-gifting.

We also look for environmentally-friendly products using sustainable natural resources and recycled or recyclable materials. For our own shipping, we use recycled boxes and non-toxic packing materials.

Finally, we send paper mail only to people who really want the mailings. We don’t like wasting resources by sending things that weren’t requested to people who will only toss them from the mailbox to the shredder. If you ever receive anything you didn’t sign up for, please let us know.

Please join us in using our Planet’s resources wisely!


Some of the products, services, or sources mentioned are through affiliate programs from whom Healthy Lifestyles Media receives compensation in exchange for promoting their products.

We are very particular and don’t promote products we or our review circles have not personally tried, researched, or recommended.  We choose affiliate programs based upon quality of products, relevancy to our content, and good company reputation.

Transactions with these affiliates are through secure servers that do not transmit personal information to us. Billing issues are resolved through your contact with the vendor.  However, if you do experience problems with an affiliate order, please also contact us so we can provide support from our side.

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