NK Recipes: Substitutes


As the head chef in a family whose members, including myself, have a variety of food intolerance issues, I’ve had to pay close attention to meal planning.  

Oftentimes, it’s dairy foods that trigger a variety of digestive ailments so that is where I’ve begun my research and experimentation.

The only foods I haven’t found a substitute for are good, pure farm-fresh butter and cheese. I’m fortunate to live in the Upper Midwest where we still have farms and farmer’s markets.  The ‘house brand’ cheeses in our local grocery stores are imported straight from Wisconsin.

I’ve tried butter-flavor substitutes but it’s just not the same. Commercial margarine is so full of chemicals that you can almost taste them. And that “processed cheese food” stuff? It’s just one chemical away from plastic! My health improved considerably after giving up just these two “frankenfoods”.

My local natural foods store has a cheddar cheese powder that’s not too bad but it’s a little sharp for some recipes. There is a cheese substitute you can make with yogurt also but getting a good cheese flavoring is tricky. If you have a recipe or a source for good cheesy or buttery flavoring, please share in the ‘Tell Us’ box below.


The recipes below are similar to egg whites which is what binds with the flour to make dough; the yolk isn’t always necessary. Egg yolks are often the triggers in many digestive ailments, so these non-eggs are the way to go.

Thanks to the flaxseed meal egg, my family can have homemade pizza for our party meals again–YAY!!!

Try these recipes in your upcoming baking sessions and then come back to this page and tell us about what you made and how the non-egg worked for you (or didn’t!)  


Per one egg:

2 T. arrowroot powder

2 T. warm water

Let sit for several minutes until thickened to raw egg consistency

Good for making a white dough without the graininess of flaxseed meal


1 T. flaxseed meal

3 T. warm water

Let sit for several minutes until thickened to raw egg consistency

Works well for a grainier kind of bread or biscuits; makes a great healthy pizza crust.


There is literally nothing you can’t do with white vinegar and baking soda and here is hack I wasn’t aware of before.

Per one egg:

1 tsp. White vinegar

1 tsp. Baking soda

Mix in a 1 cup or larger cup/bowl because this will FIZZ UP.

This is good for cake or pancake batters or dinner roll dough that you want to have come out light and fluffy.

Tell Us

What food substitutes have you tried?  Share your favorites and your fails here!



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