How to Get Fat Without Really Trying

This is an ABC News Documentary with Peter Jennings that originally aired on December 8, 2003. Although it is now more than 13 years old, the information is timeless and still relevant today.  It is still a favorite of mine and I encourage everyone to watch it.

You may watch the video in five part segments posted by the FoodMattersMovie or view the at the link below, posted by NutritionMom, both on the DIY Healthy Lifestyles YouTube channel.

How to Get Fat Without Really Trying – Full documentary video 

NOTE to the Hometown Focus Readers in my hometown: If you came to this site from the article, Junk Food Sabotage on Kids, this is the link to the part of the video referenced in that article. 

How to Get Fat Without Really Trying: Part 4 – Food Marketing to Children


Here is the link to the blog post referenced in the article

Beware of This School Lunchtime Scheme 

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