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Hello! If we haven’t met already, my name is Kat and I’m the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) at Healthy Lifestyles Media. I’m also the Program Director, lead instructor and wellness coach at the online DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center, and the Editor-Publisher of the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Journal. And I really do look like this mini-me caricature of myself.

When I began writing social media profiles, I debated on revealing that I’m a ‘baby boomer’.  I don’t feel like I should be that old already. But I find that I don’t mind being called “that older hippie-type lady” like some of the younger people I know have tagged me.

The only reason I mention my age is that I’ve discovered quite a few millennials among my audience who wonder because I talk about going to actual library buildings  that have real books made of paper.

Don’t get me wrong–I love my electronics and find that I use much less paper now but there’s something to be said about ‘real paper’ books and magazines, vintage TV and old song lyrics.

Those last two things I’m prone to quote at times. The Kids wonder what I’m talking about and some adults do too because we didn’t watch the same shows or listen to the same music. So if you don’t get it–Google it. Or just post a comment and ask for an explanation.

It’s interesting to find that the millennials I’ve met over the past few years are, to my surprise, very much like young hippies. They remind me of the original ones–the “Peace, Love and Granola” types who embraced organic living, herbalism, and saving the Earth–just as my friends and I did “back in the day”.  These kids rock! I look forward to meeting more of you as we go along.

My Story

So, I’m a baby boomer who has been struggling to manage fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis, attention deficit disorder and other challenges for the past 20+ years. I finally gained some control in the late 90’s when I started learning about natural healing and health care techniques.

For those of you with chronic illness or pain conditions, you know what I mean by “struggling”.  My story begins back in the mid-1990’s  when I was among the first to present at my local clinic with this mystery ailment that no one was able to diagnose.

They could tell me what is wasn’t but at that time they had no idea what is was. Fibromyalgia didn’t even have a name yet in those days.

The doctors in my small community didn’t know what to do with me. They basically treated each of my variety of symptoms individually as the various conditions or diseases they appeared to be.  

To say I was overmedicated is an understatement. As a result, I eventually ended up with serious digestive system problems along with a diagnosis of Barrett’s Esophagus, a potentially pre-cancerous condition requiring close monitoring and treatment.

So basically, the conventional health care of the 90’s actually made me feel worse by the time I decided to take the situation into my own hands. By that time, I ended up losing a very good job after 8 years, along with the truck I’d bought and the house I was in the process of buying. It wasn’t a good time.   

The short story is that I brought myself out of the worst of the battle when I discovered natural health and healing largely through research, reading, and experimentation. Friends began to ask me to write down what I was doing so they could try it. And as they say, one thing led to another and I’m now publishing e-books.

Well, that’s my story. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, hearing your stories, and finding out what I can do to help you out.   

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