The Director’s Page

rainbowsweatsWelcome! My name is Kat and I’m the Program Director at the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center and lead instructor in the programs, classes, and courses.

For those interested, my academic credentials include an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management and Marketing, and a Bachelor of Science in Health Communication. My training in that field includes health and wellness management, health behavior, lifestyle change, health education, wellness coaching, and worksite wellness, along with media communications and marketing. 

My past training and experience includes 20+ years in customer service and management in internet technology, workforce training, health insurance, health care advocacy, and both retail and direct sales and marketing.

The DIY Healthy Lifestyles Journal promotes a “do-it-yourself wellness” plan centered around the 5 Essentials for Healthy Lifestyles. This is a plan is based upon my personal and academic research in natural health and healing for treatment of the fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis, chronic fatigue and other ailments.  

The Journal is a publication of my findings to be shared with others seeking help with:

  • managing chronic illness
  • seeking affordable healthy choices
  • achieving a healthier lifestyle

The mission of Healthy Lifestyles Media, its websites and publications is to provide: 

  • information, instruction, influence, and inspiration for creating wellness
  • health and wellness education and virtual mentoring for a diverse audience

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