Creating Healthy Lifestyles


Creating Healthy Lifestyles  

It’s a known fact that the best way to get healthier is to make changes to your lifestyle: eating better, moving more, stressing less.

It’s a well-known fact that it isn’t as easy as the popular media health gurus would lead you to believe.

Lifestyle change isn’t easy but now there is a way to make it easier.

The DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center is a FREE do-it-yourself online health and wellness center. It’s mission is to provide information, instruction, interaction, influence, and inspiration for creating your own wellness.  

The Center helps you to navigate through the wealth of wellness information. You’ll be guided through how to create your own wellness program. You’ll find what you need to see you through to your ultimate goal: a healthy new lifestyle!

Here’s what you’ll find inside the Center:



  • Online health and wellness eJournal
  • Community Club newsletter
  • Media review guide




  • Essential eGuides series
  • eClasses and Courses
  • Nutrition Kitchen activities




  • Community Club
  • Programs, classes, and courses
  • Meetings, events, and social functions




  • Classic Knowledge Series: Influential Leaders
  • Thrifter’s Niche e-shop for for environmental enhancement
  • Free and affordable resources for wellness plan support




  • Classic Knowledge Series: Inspirational Leaders
  • People Profiles: Well-Known and Not
  • Member-Shared Stories


DIY Healthy Lifestyles Journal

This is the Center’s e-magazine that covers those five “in” topics listed above. You’ll enjoy the light-hearted style of this unique guide to easier lifestyle change.

Best of all, you’ll learn how to create your own wellness in simpler and more affordable ways.

How Lifestyle Change is Made Easier:


  • Understanding health behavior and how to improve it

  • Discovering healthier foods that taste really good

  • Finding fitness programs and wellness plans to fit your lifestyle and budget

  • Exploring spiritual wellness for greater life satisfaction

  • Learning how environments affect choices and well-being

  • Upgrading your own environments to support your goals



Your Wellness Guide

Hello! My name is Kat and I’m the Program Director and Wellness Guide at the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center. I’m also the editor-publisher of Healthy Lifestyles Media,  producer of the publications and programs listed above under “What You’ll Find Inside”.

The DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center promotes a “do-it-yourself wellness” plan centered around the 5 Essentials for Healthy Lifestyles.

This is a plan is based upon my personal and academic research in natural health and healing while seeking treatment for fibromyalgia and the other complications that came along with that.

When I lost my job due to my illness, I also lost my good health insurance plan and had to go on unemployment and Medicaid. Some of my prescriptions were no longer covered and some of those did not have any substitutes.

A friend gave me his old computer so I used it to do my own searches. I looked for natural alternatives to those medications. I found movement therapies that were easier for my crippled body to do. I became so interested in behavior and lifestyle change techniques that it prompted me to pursue a degree health and wellness management, which turned into the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Plan.

The Center and its Journal e-magazine is where you can learn to:


  • Manage chronic illness or pain conditions

  • Access reliable wellness information

  • Discover affordable healthy choices

  • Meet people who share your challenges

  • Create your own healthy lifestyle plan


Very Good Reasons to Do It Yourself

Underemployment and minimal or no health insurance are just a couple of reasons for learning how to create a do-it-yourself wellness plan.

But here’s one Really Big Good Reason for those of us living in the USA:

U. S. political events since 2016 give us a very compelling reason to take charge of our own health and wellness: the threat of losing Medicare, Medicaid and health insurance!

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “Obamacare”) puts back the barriers to accessible care that the ACA had removed.

Many of us may experience great reductions in coverage or become ineligible for any health care plan at all!

The way the current U. S. Congress is promising to increase already astronomical costs while reducing services, (not to mention destroying our environments at the same time), it’s a good time to begin learning how to better care for ourselves and for others, while we still can.  

Big Pharma’s greed (and that of certain stockholders) has already caused people to stop taking their meds because they simply can’t afford them any longer, and so they get sicker.

“They” are working hard to make it harder for us non-billionaires to stay well…to even survive!

Maybe you know someone like this…maybe it’s you?  

So now, more than ever, we need to learn how to care for ourselves, our families, and our communities, as much as possible and as soon as possible.

Join the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center and learn what you can do in these troubled times.  

Beginning Today…

…start on your path toward improved health and wellness. Everything you need to know and do can be found at the Center.

Remember, you can reduce clinic visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications by improving your health. The ability to reduce visits in turn reduces the amount of copays and co-insurance you have to pay. You’ll save a bit money.

A Solid Guarantee

Start creating your own healthy lifestyle today and begin to see improvements within the first few months of your membership!

(Results may vary based on your current state of health and medical needs.)

Try out the Center for three months and if you don’t like it, just say so and we’ll cancel your membership–no questions asked.

AND you may keep all the sign-up bonus freebies as my thanks for trying it all out.

Some of the things you can achieve in that 3 months:


  • An easier time making healthy choices

  • A taste for healthier meals

  • Improved energy and vitality

  • A happier, more positive outlook on life

  • A healthier home environment


This unique virtual wellness Center brings you sensible and appealing ways to make lifestyle change easier.

This isn’t one of those celebrity-wanna-be body sculpting clubs. It’s not some high-tech, high-priced fast-buck quick fix. This is a down-to-Earth self-guided-with-help plan aimed to help you and your loved ones for the long term.

In fact, the Center is so committed to helping you see results that it’s opening it’s doors to you now–absolutely free–for two full years!

Some of the sensible how-to information you’ll find includes:  


  • Creating your own wellness plan

  • Developing healthy lifestyle habits

  • Adopting an organic, whole food diet

  • Exploring natural health and healing

  • Discovering inner peace and life purpose

  • Building and nurturing relationships

  • Creating healthier home and community environments


Speaking of Community Environments….

One thing you should know: “Do-It-Yourself” doesn’t mean all by yourself.  You’ll get a little–or a lot–of support from Center staff plus a community of people a lot like you!

Ask questions and provide input about topics that concern you or things you would like to know more about.

Invite your friends and meet new ones to share information, learn new things, discover solutions, gather support, and celebrate achievements.

Participate in discussions, classes, courses and workshops.

Perhaps the best part about our community is that group participation is optional, not required.

You can work on your studies and plans on your own if you prefer. You’ll never be asked to share things you’d rather keep private.

You can choose to jump in on discussions that interest you and stay out of those that don’t.

You have the option to create your own private, moderated groups so you can work with your own circle of friends.

You choose the groups to interact with and the level of participation that you’re comfortable with.

But keep in mind: Learning how to get healthier is often more fun to do with friends!

Start Your Healthier Lifestyle Plan Today!

Sign up below for your FREE two-year membership ($96 value) and start learning about:


  • Lifestyle and Behavior Change

  • Diet and Nutrition

  • Fitness and Wellness

  • Spiritual Living

  • Healthy Environments


THEN–start looking for your FREE BONUS PACKAGE!

Begin with BONUS #1

FREE Healthy Lifestyles Member Guide – $12 value

The Member Guide introduces you to the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center and the Healthy Lifestyles Media family of publications.

You’ll learn about policies, products, and programs, along with an overview of the company’s history, mission, and concepts.  

The Member Guide also introduces the DIY Healthy Lifestyles plan which will help guide you through future publications, classes, and courses.

You’ll have all the basics at your fingertips so you won’t have to search through the sites to refresh your memory about a policy or need to find a quick answer about a part of the plan.

You can also show the Guide to interested friends while telling them more about DIY Healthy Lifestyles.

Then Go For Bonus #2

FREE two-year subscription to the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Journal — a $96 value–and get inspired by:


  • Information and instruction for your wellness planning

  • How-to articles, tips, tricks and hacks

  • Member stories and words of encouragement

  • Influential guidance from leaders in health and wellness

  • Access to affordable and reliable resources



The Journal presents articles relative to the seasons, current events, and popular topics of the day.

You’ll find tips for creating healthier holiday and event celebrations.

Study the effects that environment and season changes have on your body.

Find out what’s in the news about health and wellness, and how it affects

your world.

Learn whether the latest popular wellness products and programs are just hype or can really help.

History buffs will enjoy journeying to the beginnings of wellness movements in earlier times and learning which techniques proved effective enough to still be in use today.   

Here’s a sampling of some of the features:


  • The Essential eGuide Series for learning and doing   

  • The Classic Knowledge Series exploring health and wellness discoveries and movements of the past

  • Nutrition Kitchen activities and recipe books

  • The Thrifter’s Niche for recycled, reusable, and repurposeful goods for wellness and everyday living

  • Reviews of media, products, equipment, suppliers and resources.


Speaking of Reviews: Here’s Bonus #3

FREE 2-year subscription to the Healthy Lifestyles Media Review Guide ($48 value)

A guide to the best in health and wellness media as reviewed by and in the opinion of the editor, staff, Center members and contributors.

The Center is founded in the DIY Philosophy of doing what you can yourself with what you have from where you are (as inspired by Theodore Roosevelt and Charles Guillame-Etienne).

The Review Guide presents reviews of media that inspired the creation of the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center.  This media ranges from the texts of Ancient Greece to 21st Century World.

You’ll find out what’s real, what’s bogus, and ways to tell the difference.

And if you find something you’re interested in getting for yourself, you’ll be able to access it in the click of a link.

Here’s a brief list of the influential and inspirational guides you’ll meet:

(Note: some names may appear twice because they are leaders in more than one category; it is not a typo)

Lifestyle and Behavior Change

  • Hippocrates
  • Carl G. Jung
  • Zig Zigler
  • John Assaraf
  • Jack Canfield  

Diet & Nutrition

  • Hippocrates
  • Dr. Elson Haas
  • Dr. Andrew Weil
  • Prof. Marion Nestle
  • Forks Over Knives

Fitness & Wellness

  • Dr. Andrew Weil
  • Dr. John Travis
  • The Mayo Clinic
  • Dr. Mehmet Oz

Spiritual Living

  • Ancient Studies
  • Edgar Cayce
  • Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  • The Dalai Lama
  • World Spiritual Leaders

Healthy Environments

  • Henry David Thoreau
  • Rachael Carson
  • James Lovelock
  • David Suzuki
  • Environmental Energy

Speaking of Healthy Environments

This is an aspect that many wellness sites overlook in favor of focusing on exercise workouts and recipes. Our environments–home, job, school, and community–all have a huge impact on health.

We are easily swayed by environments that are set up in ways that either encourage or discourage healthy choices. Think company break room vending machines. Are they full of fat and chocolate or are you offered healthier alternatives?

How about your own home? Do you keep unhealthy snacks out in plain sight? Are there fast food coupons on magnetic clips hanging on your fridge door?

Clutter is also a health problem. Piles of stuff laying around can actually make you feel fatigued and stressed out. You have every intention of tackling those piles “someday” but every time you look at them, you want to find something else to do. Like go through those coupons or dig the treadmill out from under the laundry pile.

Sound familiar? Most people respond with a resounding “YES!!!”

The DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center addresses environmental problems both in and outside the home. One way is by providing a way for you to find things to help you achieve your wellness goals or to help you clean up your personal environments.

Which brings us to: Bonus #4

FREE subscription to the Thrifter’s Niche e-Catalog ($12 value)

The Thrifter’s Niche e-Catalog offers a shopful of recycled, reusable, and repurposeful goods for wellness and everyday living.

Find exercise gear, kitchen equipment, workout wear, sport bottles, fanny packs, books, and more to support your wellness programs.

You’ll also find things for organizing the clutter in your home or office like storage bins, shelving, stacking drawers, and desk organizers.

There’s also stuff for everyday living such as housewares, decor, tools, hardware, craft supplies, clothing, bags, and other things for home or personal needs.

These are just a few of the benefits membership, but here’s some more….

Convenient Healthcare Accessibility

We talked earlier about the troubled times ahead promising less accessibility to healthcare.

But you might be experiencing other barriers right now that can keep you from getting the help you need. It may be transportation or it might be a lack of wellness resources where you live. Maybe you live alone and there’s no one to encourage you in your efforts.

The DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center is the perfect resource for people who:


  • Live in rural areas without access to facilities, centers, or shops

  • Live alone or don’t have a nearby circle of support

  • Prefer to do things privately on their own but also like to connect with others from time to time

  • Enjoy finding ways to save money by making things themselves

  • Like meeting new people with similar interests


A List of Greater Benefits in Store

Now I’d like to show you a list of the things I myself experienced while creating the DIY Healthy Lifestyles plan:

You might say that I’m your proof that this do-it-yourself plan really works!

And that’s why I wanted to package it and share it with you.

What I achieved in just 2 years through my Plan:


  • Greatly decreased consumption of processed and fast foods

  • Learned to shop for ingredients to make my own quick meals

  • Lost 30 pounds of excess weight

  • Improved physical mobility by 50%

  • Stopped using a cane for walking

  • Gained control of chronic pain and fatigue

  • Decreased prescription medication intake from 6 to 2.

  • Regained ability to ride a bicycle, dance, and go for long walks

  • Became able rejoin friends in favorite activities


Improve your health by creating your own wellness plan–Right Now!

Get a pen and paper and then take few minutes to make your own list of healthy lifestyle changes you’d like to make. Go ahead–I’ll wait…


OK–now look at your list.

You can do all these things for yourself once you join the Center and start  in on the activities.

But Wait! There’s a few MORE Benefits I forgot to mention:

Remember those intangible benefits we talked about earlier?

Well, here’s just a few more for you to consider:


  • Enhanced mental clarity

  • Natural mood elevation

  • Easier diet change

  • Healthier weight loss

  • Improved strength and flexibility

  • Greater self-esteem

  • Renewed sense of purpose

  • Healthier environments

  • Better relationships


Remember: You CAN achieve noticeable changes within 90 days of applying what you learn at the Center!

AND–here’s one last BONUS:

Bonus #5

A Surprise Gift! – $6 Value

Little somethings for your bulletin board or fridge, something to write on or write with, something to pin on or pin up–whatever it is, it’ll be useful and/or decorative and will help you or inspire you! We’re not telling you what it will be–if we did, it wouldn’t be a Surprise Gift now would it?

SO–Here’s the Whole Package

This is what you’ll receive when you join the Center:


  • FREE 2-Year Membership to the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center ($96 Value)

  • FREE Healthy Lifestyles Member Guide ($12 value)

  • FREE 2-Year SUBSCRIPTION to the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Journal ($96 value)

  • FREE 2-Year SUBSCRIPTION to  Healthy Lifestyles Media Review Guide ($48 value)

  • FREE SUBSCRIPTION to the Thrifter’s Niche eCatalog ($12 value)

  • FREE SURPRISE GIFT: something useful, decorative, motivational, or inspirational to display in your home or workspace ($6 value)


That’s $270 worth of information, instruction, interaction, influence and inspiration–ALL FREE!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center membership at any time, just tell me why and I’ll unsubscribe you, no questions asked.

PLUS–you get to keep all the bonus gifts as my thanks to you for giving the Center a try.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up today for your FREE Center membership!

Click Here Now to Subscribe Today!

Thank you for your interest in the DIY Healthy Lifestyles Journal—I look forward to meeting you soon!


Program Director

DIY Healthy Lifestyles Center