Editor’s Update

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Anyone who follows this Journal may notice (another) very long gap between posts. This  year has turned into a steady sequence of issues involving computer problems and Internet service, household maintenance problems, caring for an elderly parent, and going to many doctor appointments for both of us. The stress of it all resulted in a fibromyalgia flare-up which has slowed me down considerably.

Last month, I started going to a Pain Management Program (herein, PMP) to work on the fibro flare. I go twice a week to a clinic 60 miles away. With travel time, I’m gone about 9.5 hours a day and when I get home, I just need to rest. So with all this going on, my writing has fallen by the wayside.

One of the emotional-psychological-spiritual health goals I’ve set in this PMP is to turn this Journal into a regular “day job”. That’s actually been my plan for several years but now I have a support staff to help see that I do it.

Over the past few weeks, it’s been a pleasant surprise to discover that I’m already familiar with many of the topics, readings, and therapies covered in the PMP from my past studies. My mission now is to apply the things I’ve learned, with the additional support of clinical professionals and medical documentation.

I’m inviting everyone who’s been following or is just discovering this Journal to join me on this expedition into natural whole-person healing.

I hope you’ll also share stories, comments, questions and suggestions about your experiences with chronic illness or pain conditions, whether it’s yourself, family members, or friends. What have you tried or would like to? What’s worked and what hasn’t? What would you like to know more about?

Let’s get together and compare notes!